Our Services

We provide legal services to senior citizens in civil matters.  This excludes bankruptcy, drivers license restoration and criminal cases; the criminally accused have the right to counsel at public expense if they cannot afford an attorney.

We do not handle law suits seeking recovery of significant sums of money.

A person is eligible to receive MCSLS services if he/she is:

  • Sixty (60) years of age or older, and
  • a resident of Monroe County

If a person is already represented by an attorney in the particular case for which assistance is sought, MCSLS can not represent that person.

Because MCSLS is intended to serve the indigent seniors of Monroe County, we ask every prospective client to fill out a Cost Share form. This will be used to determine individual eligibility for our services. A copy of the form will be mailed to out at the time the initial consultation is scheduled, or you may download the form below:

CSF (2)

If you have a problem, call our office for an appointment, or you may contact our staff at one of the senior centers.  If you are unable to travel, call the office to have one of our outreach staff visit you at your home.

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